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The release of Odoo 16 has brought to light numerous new functionalities and technical improvements. Among all these novelties, it is worth highlighting the change in Odoo prices that will come into effect with this version, due to the impact it will have on all customers.

While the Odoo Enterprise version already had different contracting modalities (associated with the different cloud, on-premises, and Odoo.sh exploitation models), the calculation of the final price was summarized by counting the number of users and apps (modules) used by them. Starting now, the final price calculation is reduced to the choice of the number of users and the choice between the two possible plans: Standard and Custom. Like until now, the possibility of using the free version of Odoo Community (Odoo Community vs Odoo Enterprise) will continue to exist, as well as a new limited version within the so-called Free Plan.

In practice, with a single price per user, you will have access to all the Apps that make up Odoo. Next, we will detail the main differences between the two plans of the product.

Plan Standard vs Plan Custom

The Standard Plan is designed for companies that do not require specific developments or modules and do not want to maintain their own infrastructure. These implementations are carried out in Odoo’s own cloud, with hosting included in the final price

The Custom plan is designed for companies that manage multiple entities within a single Odoo database. Similarly, this plan is the one that customers who need to customize Odoo using Odoo Studio, own developments, or through the API must contract.

Free Plan

As an alternative for those customers who want to try out one of Odoo’s modules or who simply want to use a single app, there is the possibility of subscribing to the Free Plan. This plan is fully functional, making it a unique alternative among Odoo’s ERP competitors.

Switching between plans is easy using the backup feature provided by the system. This makes it possible to switch from the Free Plan to the paid plans while maintaining the historical information.

Odoo Pricing

From now on, we will have two payment plans in Odoo: Standard and Custom. For new customers with annual payment (during the first year) the rates would be as shown in the following image.

Odoo Pricing

Apart from access to all the Apps, the plans include unlimited support, hosting, and maintenance.


The new pricing model of Odoo simplifies the contracting process for any customer, limiting it to the choice of one of the two available plans and counting the total number of users. In this way, from €11.90 per user per month, you can have access to all of Odoo’s Apps, as well as maintenance and support for the product.

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