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October has once again been chosen by Odoo for the presentation of their new version: Odoo 16. Like in the last editions of Odoo Experience, this year hundreds of new functionalities and technical improvements have been revealed. But the biggest novelty may come from the new pricing policy for the product licenses, which represents a radical change from what was applied in Odoo 15 (New Odoo Prices).

En este artículo trataremos de resumir algunas de las novedades destacadas en Odoo 16.


Building on the good performance achieved in version 15, Odoo 16 has significantly improved the speed of use in its latest release. Here are some examples of this:

  • Opening an invoice from the backend is now 3.7 times faster.
  • There are now 2.4 times fewer SQL queries on average for each URL.
  • The eCommerce pages now load 3.9 times faster.

In the technical section, the performance of components that use JavaScript has been improved, now being 20 times faster. The CSS lines have been reduced by 68%, also contributing to the improvement in the loading of internal pages. In short, performance has been improved in all aspects, achieving a notable increase in the product’s usability.

Odoo Performance
Performance of Odoo 16 compared to Odoo 15

Website and eCommerce

These apps, both Website and eCommerce, remain a priority for the Odoo team as demonstrated by the constant evolution of their functionalities. In this version of Odoo 16, special effort has been made to improve the UI and UX of both modules. In short, the user experience has been taken to the next level.

From the redesigned menus to be more intuitive to the multitude of new blocks and options, the Website app has never been as fast and user-friendly as it is now.

As for the eCommerce module, it has been redesigned to make it more intuitive while adding a large number of functionalities. Thanks to the new options, your eCommerce can be customized down to the last detail.

Another aspect to highlight is the fact that Odoo 16 has integrated Plausible.io to manage the statistics/metrics of your eCommerce or Website within your own environment, without the need for third-party services such as Google Analytics.

The following video summarizes the news of the Website app.

Odoo 16 Dashboards

One of the main modules where Odoo users demanded improvements has been the Dashboard module. The usability of this app was not up to par with the rest of the platform, so in Odoo 16 its design has been radically changed.

All Dashboards have been converted to reports based on spreadsheets. This new approach allows for the Dashboards to be modified or for complex calculations to be included in them.

As a result, Odoo Spreadsheet now enables new features such as converting XSLX files (MS Excel) or using built-in functions that allow access to accounting information, among others.


The presentation of Odoo 16 has represented a new leap that positions the platform as one of the ERPs with the best quality/price ratio in the market. The results of all the R&D investment made by Odoo in the last year have been reflected in this version which, in the words of its CEO, is “The fastest, most beautiful, and most intuitive version ever developed”.

The new features and technical improvements, combined with the change in pricing, have made Odoo 16 a clear choice for companies in search of a reliable ERP solution.

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